The 5 Biggest Casino Companies In The World


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Casino companies are known for their revenues. Every year, these companies report incredible numbers that only grow as time goes by. A casino company owns more than just a casino with games and tables. They hold the hotels, the stores, and restaurants. The average tourist does not need to leave their hotel to enjoy a complete experience.

The annual revenue is a combination of the multiple establishments and options they offer. The biggest casino companies are established in Las Vegas, Nevada. From North America, they expanded their limits. Japan is the new Promised Land for the American owners. The Asian market is not easy to penetrate. Macau and Hong Kong are known for the casinos.

Las Vegas Sands

The annual revenue of this American giant is around $14 billion. It all started in 1989 with one hotel in Las Vegas. From there, the corporation began their expansion. The themed resorts became the signature of the Sands Corporation. Currently, they are present in Las Vegas, Macau, and Singapore as one of the biggest casino companies.

MGM Resorts International

This corporation started in Las Vegas. The founder is credited as one of the individuals that made possible what the city is nowadays. With a revenue of $12 billion, MGM Resorts International is one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world. They believe in creating immersing experiences for their visitors. Each MGM resort offers a unique experience with restaurants, stores, and casinos. The corporation owns 27 resorts around the world.

Galaxy Entertainment Group

Part of the original concessionaires in Macau. This corporation was granted the permission by the government because of their work and vision. The Galaxy Entertainment Group, also known as GEG, is a development group with presence internationally. Some of their partners include corporations in Monaco, another destination for casino lovers. The GEG owns some of the most significant properties in Macau. They reported revenue of $9 billion.

Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment is a global sensation. Their primary goal is to offer the best service possible to their guests. As a diversified company, the focus not only on the hospitality. They also own several casinos in three continents. The first Caesar opened in 1966, and currently, the corporation owns over 15 properties worldwide. With a revenue of around $8 billion, Caesar Entertainment is a leader in the industry.

Wynn Resorts

This awarded corporation has been recognised several times by Forbes. With hotels in Las Vegas and Macau, Wynn Resorts keeps trying to expand their limits. This successful company is known for their quality service and entertainment options. Their annual revenue is $6 billion. Therefore, customers prefer the Wynn resorts because they know it will be a unique experience.

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