Gambling in ancient China


Gambling is considered to be any game that is played by two people or more in exchange for money. The outcome of the game will result in the winner taking a hefty prize, which is most likely financial.  Gambling has evolved over the years and expanded in many countries. However, people tend to wonder how it took place in China. It was part of ancient Chinese cultures; people begin to wonder if there are other old games to be played.  The odd fact here is that gambling was banned by law. None of the Chinese people was allowed to play any games of this kind or else they will face punishment. People made a bet on small games just for entertainment. This means that the stakes could never be high. They needed to be at a minimum for it to be okay by the law.

The Chinese people began to grow impatient with the whole law and demanded the games. Thus the government figured that it needed to take action, which is done after three decades. The Chinese government then established “national lottery tickets”. These were implemented to give the people a sense of gambling when they buy these ticks. This was because the stakes of the outcome results (money) were high. Once the lottery tickets were established, economic wealth increases gradually. Therefore, the government knew that gambling had to be found as it was good for the country. Adults did not appreciate the fact that their kids began to practice gaming; therefore a law was made to prevent. However, the government was not able to control the young, and a lot of illegal actions started to happen. As a result, this was known to be one of the disadvantages of establishing gambling.

As the time has passed, the players in China were never the same. Since the games were growing, the hunger inside people did as well. Players became wearier on the topic and started to become very addictive. This was and still is a significant setback in China since many of its population are facing issues due to these games. As gambling got launched, so did the humans as they got prepared for the biggest days of their lives. They tend to play all the time and whenever they could! Risks were also becoming higher real quick without hesitation.  The whole world thought that now China will need to take action, but it was the opposite. The Chinese government takes these games as a sign of economic wealth that they need to keep up.

When a person is already addicted, it can be tough to pull them away from the path they choose. However, the first step is to identify what a high or low stake is during the game. Once this has been done, it displays how the user can still tell if it’s worth it or not. This will also provide levels on how to severe the condition is for the patient, and for the doctor. Find all of my entries here.