Gambling Addiction and why it important to be informed

How often has it happened to so many of us- something that you do just for fun suddenly acquires severe proportions and before you know it, becomes an addiction? Drugs, betting, drinking and going to a casino are harmless diversions if just done once, but the more often you travel on that road, the more hooked you are. What began as a harmless pastime is now an addiction. It’s then that betting and gambling become a problem- your personal life is ruined, your work suffers, you run up debts that you can’t pay, and your whole life is turned upside down.

How gambling becomes an addiction

This addiction is associated with an excessive release of dopamine in the brain- many times more than average. Dopamine is a ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter that triggers the ‘good feeling’ that gamblers get when they gamble. The very act of gambling stimulates neurons in the brain and encourages it to produce dopamine. Slowly, the dependency increases and the person has to gamble more just to get that ‘feel good’ feeling. Over a period, there is so much of dopamine that the brain slowly begins to produce less of the substance. Gamblers now reach a stage where gambling becomes a ‘must do’- come what may. When that becomes difficult to achieve, the addicts become physically ill and edgy. The brain is deprived of dopamine, and the neural pathways weaken.

Impact of addictive gambling

Gambling addiction is a compulsive disorder of sorts that makes you play regardless of the consequences. Very often it is associated with other behavioural disorders such as stress, depression, substance abuse or anxiety. Those addicted often steal money to gamble again or to pay part of their debts. The situation is indeed frightening for those around the victim, but remember, it’s not the end of the road for you. With the right support and help, you can bring your life back on track and bring back the smile to your loved ones’ lips.

Don’t be in denial

That’s the first and most crucial step- recognise that you have a problem and try to break the habit. You can’t do this alone, so be prepared to take help from those around you. Both require tremendous courage- owning up to your addiction and letting other people support you. It becomes even more difficult if you have lost a lot of money gambling, are heavily in debt and have strained relationships with those who matter to you.  Take heart from the fact that you’re not alone in this battle like so many unfortunates and use this to your advantage.

Analyse your addiction and act

You apparently can’t do this alone- your support network is there for you, but you need to get some answers for yourself. If you gamble just because you’re bored or lonely, then learn to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Join clubs and discussion forums, listen to music, practice meditation techniques, reach out to colleagues at work, do some volunteering work- anything that will occupy you and take your mind off gambling. Gamblers Anonymous has structured programs that offer guidance and support. Talk to people that have been down the ‘gambling addiction’ road and have cured themselves.

Fight the urge

Resist the temptation to gamble- the internet does make that very difficult, but the moment you feel like it, turn your mind to something else- call a friend and talk or take up a physical activity that will rid you of the urge. Fill your day so that you don’t have the time to think of gambling. For some time, hand over your credit cards to your family and keep just a little cash with you- this could act as a deterrent. Remove all gambling sites from your laptop, switch over to more enjoyable ways of spending time and do new things that interest you.

This will take time, commitment will power and a lot of patience, but in the end, you’ll win.




Famous Casino Movies

UK Famous Casino MoviesThe term casino gambling glamour and the movie industry never ignore such glamour. There are numerous classic movies themed on the gambling industry where scriptwriters have captured the alluring world of gambling. Let’s take a look at the most famous gambling movies that gives a glimpse of the amazing world of gambling.

Our top list of famous casino movies

1) The Cooler

Gambling world believes in superstitions and luck, and this movie displays it all. The movie is centered on Macy and his journey from an unlucky to a lucky charmer of casinos. The Wayne’s Kramer movie was high on performance and gave an insight into the gambling industry and its stresses on the concept of luck.

2) Bugsy

The 1991 movie is centered on building a casino and a top class hotel in the Nevada desert. The Oscar-nominated movie had Warren Beatty and Annette Bening as main actors. The story revolves around the gangster “Bugsy” Siegel and his dream to start a casino with his mistress. The thought although takes a downside, when his near and dear ones don’t approve of his venture and his spending of a large amount of money to establish and run the casino. This movie is aclassic example of gambling lovers.

3) Casino

A perfect example of how a gambling movie should be, is what defines the Casino. The movie portrays the ultimate collaboration of the world of gangsters and gambling. The 1995 movie has been a hot favorite of critics and fans alike from across the world. The film portrays the dark realities of the world of gambling which include big money and mob wars. Casino is an interpretation to showcase the negativity existing in the mob-controlled casinos of Las Vegas.  The classic film is known for its remarkable performances, seductive charm showcased by Sharon Stone and memorable scenes in the history of film industry.

4)The Gambler

The name reflects the essence of the movie which is based on the casino addiction of a university professor. Played excellently by James Cann, the film shows how the character gets into self-destruction mode due to his borrowings and loses his mental state to the point of threatening his life. The movie is brilliantly matched to what a gambling addict goes through and serves a warning to all the addicts.

5) Rounders

Centered on the game of poker, the movie is about a poker player Mike McDermott. The character Mike moves away from Poker owing to an event that made him lose all his money that he was supposed to deposit for his college education. But, destiny brings him back to the same table and in front of the same people who made him lose his money, when he decides to help his friend payoff his debt. The movie gave immense popularity to the game of poker and made it famous.

6) Casino Royal

An ultimate James Bond movie with high voltage drama. The Martin Campbell’s movie portrays Bond as a villainous character which plays poker and bestows torture as Le Chiffre. The movie has some of the best scenes in the history of film industry with unmatched pace, especially where Bond plays the all-or-nothing game in Monte Carlo.

History of the slot machine

History of slot machine 2018

If you have been a casino regular, you must have realized the importance of slot machines in casinos. Almost all casinos of the world whether based onland, water or online have slot machines games to entertain their customers. The slot machine basically is gambling equipment, that becomes functional, when coins or tokens are added into a slot, and the handle in the machine is pulled. After the handle is pulled, a set of spinning symbols on wheels gets activated and the final order of it concludes the settlement that is set off into a receptacle at the bottom.  But, how this form of casino game appeared and evolved can be traced to its history. The origination of the slot machines happened many years back in the late 19th century. Following which the casino game has been continuously upgraded.

The History

The slot machines were first created by the American based company Sittman and Pitt in the year 1891. The play included 5 drums and 50 playing cards. The machine formed a part of many bars and paid in kind. However, the invention of the slot machine is credited to Charles Augustus Fey, who made the first slot machine somewhere between 1887 and 1895. The machine created by him had automatic payout process. Charles replaced the existing 5 drums 3 reels and cut short the playing cards to only 5 symbols namely hearts, spade, horseshoes, diamond and a liberty bell. The maximum payout was given when 3 bells were achieved. This is where the machine came to be known as the Liberty Bell. The equipment gained too much popularity and was duplicated by many manufacturers as Charles didn’t file apetition to copyright its design.

1902 and forward

The slot machines were officially abolished in 1902, but the production of Liberty bell didn’t come to a standstill. The payout in the form of cash was stopped and so a new fruit machine came into existence. The fruit machine used fruit symbols and prizes were given in the form of sweets and chewing gum. In 1907, another set of slot machine was produced by Herbert Mills and was known as Operator Bell. After this, the slot machines remained purely mechanical till 1964, when the electromechanical shot Money Honey was liberated by Bally. The machine was the first with a bottomless hopper and allowed automatic dispersal of money up to 500 coins. The game was ahuge success and gradually progressed with the removal of the familiar lever from new slots.

1976 and video slot

In 1976, Fortune Coin manufactured the first true video slot in its Las Vegas-based company. The machine after some modification was approved by the Nevada State Gaming Commission and gained huge popularity in the Las Vegas Strip. Moreover, the second round of revolution in the history of slots commenced in the year 1996 with the launch of “Reel ‘Em” created by WMS Industries Inc. The uniqueness of the machine was its video slot, which comprised of a second screen bonus round. The bonus round allowed more pay-outs for the player. The slots are hugely responsible for the huge profits that casinos all over the world earn. The popularity of the internet and the launch of online casinos have also contributed to the development of slot games.

History of Sports Betting in the United Kingdom

Sports Betting UK


Gambling has been an age old tradition in the United Kingdom. It can be done in the form of casinos, sports betting and online gambling as well. The growth in the gambling has been significant. With the introduction of more and more casinos and more bookmakers or betting shops, it has clearly become a favourite activity for people in The Great Britain.

Sports’ betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the United Kingdom. It has had a huge history too. Nowadays, there is a huge market for betting on various competitive sports played in the United Kingdom. The betting is usually done on horse, greyhound racing and football. Sports’ betting is also done online which is very popular too. Additionally, bookmakers make a huge contribution to the UK economy. This contribution is worth more than 700 pounds annually in taxes. Moreover, it generates employment for many people.


Sport Betting and gambling have been in the UK for a long time now. They were in control until the 1960 act legalised off-course bookmakers as well. It is difficult to predict the origin date of sports betting since it has been in the UK for ages. So much so that even the Roman emperors took the pleasure of gambling. Moreover, at that time the games that were played could have very well entailed forms of gambling.

It gained more popularity as a form of betting in a one-time event of pedestrianism which can also be called as race-walking. This was one sport which was very popular in the early 19th century in England. It is from this sport only that modern sport betting became popular one again. The most popular sport for sport betting has always been horse racing. Although, it is one common and famous activity, there are many steps taken by the government to prevent race-fixing and other wrong activities that can be done in order to change the result of the game. The foundation of Amateur Athletic Association in 1880 proves the existence and practice of sports betting so much that such a body had to be formed.

Betting Shops

There are 8500 betting shops in England alone and all of them have been legalized since 1961. The legal and open betting in various sports makes UK one of the most popular destinations for the players as well as the bookmakers. The best part is that there is unrestricted and open internet betting market in the UK. Another exciting fact is that every football team in the Barclays Premier League has an official betting partner.

Sports betting

Sport betting is not only an interesting activity but also very common and exciting activity in the UK. The advantage is that it is legal to do sports betting. It has achieved a status where it contributes a lot in the taxes annually. It is not only fun but a major contributor in the economy’s growth as well. Moreover, the facilities which are provided further contribute in its numbers.

History of the Dice

History of Dice

The Dice and its History

Dice is the oldest known gaming device known to humankind. It is used to generate random numbers.Used for gaming and fortune telling, the dice has changed many forms. Cube-shaped, it started as a four-sided dice. Today, you can even find a 100 sided dice known as Zocchihedron. Origin of the dice can be traced back to 3000 B.C. Originally manufactured with animal bones; these days dice is made of plastic. Let’s trace the history of this small but essential piece of any board game, through civilisations and dates.

Invention of the dice

Dice-shaped objects, which have been excavated from various civilisation sites are found to be carbon dated 3000 B.C. This means that the dice is nearly 5000 years old. The dice discovered had a pyramid shape with four sides. The next evolved version of the dice, the cubical shaped dice was found in Egyptian tombs of 2000 B.C. Since, then dice have been found at sites of many civilisations dated 600-400 B.C. Dices have even been a subject for analysis by famous mathematicians Pascal and Fermat in 1600 A.D.  Their report gave birth to the brilliant Mathematical study of probability. Ludo, a board game using dice was patented in 1896. Since then there has been an onslaught of board games using dice.

Prominence of dice in civilisations

Bronze Age civilisations that flourished in and around ancient Persia or present-day Iran are probably the first to use dice in a game.  The game looked like a version of today’s backgammon. Egyptian civilisation also seems to have used dice in a board game called Senet.  The next use of dice was found in the Sumerian culture. They used it in a game called Royal game of Ur. It has been various references of dice being located in the Indus valley civilisation as well. There are also references of dice in the Greek (siege of Troy) and Indian (Mahabharata) mythology. There is a significant historical reference of dice attributed to Julius Caesar – “Alea iacta est” meaning “the die has been cast”.

Different structures of dice

Earliest known dice were made from ankle bones of sheep. They had four sides with some markings on each face. They were used for fortune telling. Later on, the dice were made from ivory, bronze, marble, porcelain etc. These were cubical dice and were used for games as well as for gambling. A 2000-year-old dice are having 20 sides have been found in ancient Egypt. Modern-day dice is made from plastic using an injection moulding process. These are non-precision dice used in children’s board games. Precision dice that is used in casinos are built in ways to have the dice’s centre of gravity closest to the geometric centre. These days dice have sides ranging from 6 to a 100.

There is no exact date of origin of the dice. Still, it has been found that dice or dice-like objects have been uniformly used in all ages and civilisations. Perhaps it is the oldest game that is always relevant and popular today.

History of e-sport

Esport casino


Video games are thrilling- for those who play and those who watch; gamers plan and strategise their play so that they can overpower their opponents. Spectators wait LED screens with bated breath, applaud and empathise with teams just as they would in a regular football or tennis match. eSport appears to have come of age and is being recognised as “excellent and exhilarating spectator sports.”

Arcade and console games

In its most primitive form, friends played video games and challenged each other to better their highest scores. Slowly the game evolved and became more structured in that tournaments were being organised everywhere. The first gaming competition was held at Stanford University in 1972, where students competed in the video game- Spacewar. The winner was entitled to a Rolling Stone magazine’s annual subscription – a far cry from the millions of dollars that are being offered today.

The first space invaders tournament was organised by Atari in 1980, and so great was its popularity that it attracted tens of thousands of participants. The foundation for eSports was laid, and the early 1990s saw arcade and console games being sponsored for world championships.

PC gaming

With Internet connectivity, the popularity of PC games rose, and the late 90’s sawed the emergence of the Red Annihilation tournament. “Quake”, generally considered as the first eSports game, was witnessed by more than 2000 people. This set the ball rolling- the first significant gaming league was formed and tournament ‘Prize Money’ was offered for the first time. Subsequently, many more associations were created, and new competitions announced.

While all this did give a fillip to eSports, the emergence of real-time strategy (RTS) games was a game turner. The concept and focus shifted to new areas- planning and policy, which offered limitless potential. This pushed eSports to a new high, and it started getting the popularity and recognition that it deserved.

eSports flourishes

With the turn of the century, two major international tournaments were launched, and that paved the way for the launching of the largest and most successful eSport leagues- the Major League Gaming. It was hailed widely for it featured many games in different genres and most importantly put up ‘prize pools’- in 2013 gamers received more than $170,000 in the form of prizes. This Major League also had another first to its credit- it was televised in North America on the USA network.

Other tournaments emerged- notably Dreamhack and the Global StarCraft II League (GSL). The number of online viewers has been increasing exponentially since then comparing favourably with the number of viewers attending real sporting events, and the trend is expected to continue. The league of legends, considered the most famous video game world over, is an Online, Multiplayer Battle Arena that attracts player from all over the world.

The Future for eSports

There’s no doubt that eSports are generating excitement and challenges for the fans and players respectively, but still, has a way to go before it gains recognition in mainstream culture.

2018 Flash: Playing Mobile Casino

Casino Mobile 2018

Playing Casino on Mobile

Casinos are one of the places where individuals can freely play any gambling games as long as they want. There are no limits as long as they have the cash. Even if they ran out of cash, there are still some casinos that are offering and lending some cash in order for them to enjoy playing. That benefit is just one of the good things about playing at casinos. There are people who are interested and want to experience playing at a casino but have no means in doing so. With the availability of online casinos, playing casino on mobile is now made possible.
Online casino games are now available for anyone who is interested in playing casino games online. For more convenience, online casino games are also now applicable to be played in mobile phones particularly on smartphones. If you are a casino game lover, the availability and applicability of online casino game is probably the most advantageous news for you right now. With that advantage, the player will no longer be frustrated whenever their playing moment is disturbed due to some connection problem or system error.

The Benefits of Playing Casino on Mobile

There are a lot of benefits that are offered when playing casino on mobile and these are as follows:

• First on the list is the convenience of playing casino games on your smartphones or tablets. Since online casino games are already applicable to be played in these devices, whenever you have nothing to do or when you have woken up in the middle of the night and has not been able to sleep again, you can just get your phone and start playing casino games. Whenever you feel like playing a casino game, you will no longer have to go to a traditional casino just to be able to play. That means less effort in driving to and from the casino, less gas expense and less energy spent.

• Since you can already play online casino games on your mobile phone and tablets, it simply means that you can play the casino games that you love to play wherever you are. There is no limit on what type of online casino games can only be played on your mobile phone. You can play all types of games including mobile roulette or slots, even the blackjack, and poker.

• These online casino games can be played on your mobile phone or tablet by installing them on your mobile device. Once you already have the application installed, you can just choose to play directly on the site or download the game or app.

• The added benefit of playing casino on mobile phone is the fact that with its touch screen mode, the more that you will be able to play the game properly and with ease. The operating system of these gadgets also gives the player a much wider scope compared when playing on desktops.
Playing casino on mobile is now made easier and faster. Online casino players would surely have an excellent online casino gaming experience that they never experienced before.

History of Gambling

Gambling History


Playing casino games remain every day since the beginning of time. The history of gambling dated back to the ancient periods and there is much archaeological proof that gaming was present in various countries such as Roma, China, India, Egypt, Greet etc. Lots of artefacts like dice, writings of game mechanics and others were discovered from all parts of the world. Some of these objects have been dated back to 2300 B.C. It was the fourteenth century AD when gambling was regarded as against the ruling. King Henry VIII of England had prohibited gambling when he discovered that his defence force was spending lots of time playing than working.

Playing Cards

The use of paper money shuffling in ancient China became the forerunner of today’s game called blackjack. The practice has changed into card playing that was borrowed by Mameluke Empire. Being Muslim, they utilised diverse designs somewhat reminiscent of renowned Muslim carpets to accentuate the playing deck. Upon its coming to Europe, the players began using high ranks of men in the Royal Court to indicate cards. However, it was just in the 1500’s when French present the Queen of the deck which called as French Pack. This is the forerunner of today’s 52 card deck.


Dice has been around for over 20 centuries, being involved in various activities, which range from religious rituals and gambling. Dice are extremely popular because of the game known as craps. This game was ubiquitous amongst the famous and productive of the eighteen and nineteenth century in England that was once called Hazard.

Online Gambling

Part 1

Gambling history took a quick turn in 1990’s as online technology started accelerating beyond the wildest imagination. 1993 is the year when the first graphical website browser was made, roughly concurrent with the AOL or America Online service connecting its remarkable network of a client to the online discussion named as USENET. Shortly, people would be browsing the web, an option not lost on gaming architects. A year later, Barbuda and Antigua legislated a free trade contract for online casinos. The first casino online was presented soon after that. Immediately other internet regulatory bodies come up. With their approval casinos, online boost a remarkable stage of legality for being synchronised.

Part 2

At this point, regulatory authorities of different reputation supervise at least 2000 casinos online wherein players can play or bet for real money. These online casinos provide a remarkable selection of classic casino table and slot machine games. Lots offer a live dealer choice for the table games they offer. The best thing about them is that they can be accessed in various kinds of devices like desktop and smartphones.

Getting Better and Better

Today gambling is far different from before. But, while the world has profoundly developed to the extent of allowing adults be accountable for their deeds, lots of confusion and superstition remain.
What’s more obvious is that the opportunity to experience real money gambling is fantastic. Today gaming is getting better and better. But, you need to play wisely and smartly.


History of MGM Grand in Las Vegas

MGM Grand Casino History UK

A brief history of MGM Grand

Part 1

The MGM Grand in Las Vegas is considered as one of the most eye-catching and famous places in the world. If you and your family are planning to have a short vacation in Sin City, don’t miss to visit the MGM Grand Las Vegas casino resort. It is situated at Las Vegas strip which is near the McCarran International Airport and Flamingo Road. The MGM Grand in Las Vegas is just opposite the Mandalay Bay and Luxor on one side and Excalibur on the other side of the road. Its location has restrictions to pedestrian walkways, and there are intertwining bridges going west and south to the neighbouring casinos.

Part 2

It is an excellent advantage to pedestrian walkers that the MGM Grand in Las Vegas provides an easy and fast access to a monorail which connects to the other casinos and the airport. In the year 1986, the MGM Grand was rebuilt as Bally’s Casino Resort. During the 90’s, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas was a bit more of a family oriented place. It was opened in 1975, and they use the name Marina resort. This is the time when the casino had a unique Wizard of Oz theme. To attract more families, they decided to build an amusement theme park.

MGM Grand: The Largest Hotel in the United States of America

On December 18, 1993, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas was recognised as the most prominent hotel in the Greater of United States of America. During that time, MGM Grand has 171, 500 sq. Feet of the casino, eight restaurants, 5 bars and lounges, 158,000 sq. Feet meeting space and 23 retail stores. In the year 1995, the monorail from the MGM Grand to Bally’s hotel was opened to the public. In 1998, the MGM Grand opened its Studio 54 with Elton John private performance. This event raised $1 million for the AIDS Foundation of Elton John. In April of 1998, the MGM Grand opened their 380,000 sq. Foot Conference Center is showcasing it tri-level facility with outdoor and indoor meeting space.

2000 and forward

On August 2001, the MGM Grand offered Grand Class 29th Floor, Vista Parlor Suites, Patio Suites, Glamour, Lobby Suites, Vista Suites, Spa Suites, Player Suites, Grand Tower and Deluxe Rooms. The MGM Grand has plenty of restaurants that you can choose from. Due to its excellent amenities and facilities, the MGM Grand was recognised as the first resort on the Strip to have an outdoor amusement park called Grand Adventures. In the year 1999, the MGM Grand opened their Forever Wedding Chapel, and on May 1999, the Mansion was opened.

The Lion Habitat and Satellite Registration

On July 1, 1999, they also opened their Lion Habitat with a variety of lions include marquee lion, Baby Lion and Goldie Metro. On January 30, 2001, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas celebrated the grand opening of their new satellite registration at McCarran International Airport. In the year 2001, the Grand Adventures was renamed as The Park at MGM Grand which will only be available for special events and group business with 50 or more participants. Today, most casinos are more youth-oriented and this is one of the reasons why MGM Grand got a Hollywood theme.

Paying Cards – How it all began

History of Cards

History of Playing Cards

Playing cards are considered as one of the oldest types of toys created by humans and can be used for different purpose. Tarot readings, magic and gambling, are some of the best examples of the use of these cards. Playing cards can come in either thin metal, plastic, light cardboard or special ply paper. A pack or deck of cards has 52 playing cards in it, with an additional two cards named Jokers. Playing cards originated in China. An American games historian named Stuart Culin is the one who did the research, and he concluded that playing cards appeared before 1200AD in China and were introduced to Europe during the 13th century.

Types of Cards in a Deck

There are four types or suits of cards in a pack or deck. These are the Diamonds, Spades, Hearts and Clubs. In each suit, there are 13 different cards, consisting of the King and Queen, the Jack, Numbers 2-10 and the Ace. These values are printed on one side, while a consistent design is printed on the back of the playing card. Throughout time, many forms of games have been created. Some playing card games include Poker, Big-2, Solitaire, Hearts and Go Fish. These are all considered as interactive games that can be played by a person or a group of people.

A side note about Fortune Tellers Cards

Fortune Tellers and Gypsies have also been known to use Tarot Cards or cards as an extension to foresee the future. The most well-known and leading production company of playing cards is the United States Playing Card Company that is formerly based in Cincinnati, Ohio but moved to Erlanger, Kentucky. They are known for their famous brand called Bee cards and Bicycle cards. These playing cards are made of three-ply paper that is coated with an Air Cushion finish which makes them glide and slick perfectly without the cards being able to stick to one another.

Fun Facts about Playing Cards

The simple pack or deck of playing cards lie hidden associations and secrets to human culture. For beginners, the pack of playing cards consists of 52 cards which are precisely the number of weeks in one year. The four suits represent the four seasons of Spring, Winter, Autumn and Summer. With the Court cards representing 11, 12 and 13 respectively to the King, Queen and Jack, all the 52 cards in a pack add up to 365 which is the exact number of days in one year. The Ace of Spades characteristically represents death.

One more…

A reversible twofold image in court cards was introduced during the 19th century. The primary purpose for this is to prevent the players from reversing their court cards during a session, thus in part enlightening their hands to even not the most sharp-eyed of opponents. The use of playing cards grew all over the globe through colonialism and trade. During the 20th century, the French and English style of playing card came to be the de-facto standard that was used in different casinos worldwide and for well-known American games such as Blackjack and Poker.