A major milestone of Casino

new casino bonus 2018

Gambling has always been popular in most western cultures. It is a fun way to be entertained in a luxury environment. As you understand there has been a lot of development within the field. In this article we will talk about the modern slot machine. The first kind of modern slot machine was developed already in 1891. It was for sure the start of a new era of gambling. This machine was based on poker hands and quickly became popular in many parts of the US.

As a result of the popularity of this machine but also the complexity of calculating the different winning lines there was new machines popping up. The most popular ones is called Liberty Bill. This machine became incredible popular and was exported to many countries outside the US. Even today you can still play this type of machine both online and offline.

The first video slot

The first video slot came 1976, it used a colour tv-screen with some modifications. This slot quickly became popular along the whole “strip” in Las Vegas. Later the video slot was bought by one of the major slot developer still active today.

Long journey of physical slots

For many years there has been a handful of companies that has earned a lot of money developing physical slots machines for physical casinos. The development has of new machines was especially quick between 1990-2010. The one thing that changed it all was of course the Internet. Physical casinos are still very fun but nowadays the slots are often developed for online players and then if the game becomes popular they do a version for the physical casino. So since a couple of years ago online casinos are the leading platform.

NetEnt and other new game developers

Since the leading slot machines are coming from new players on the market there are many new slot machines developers to get to know about. One of the best new ones are NetEnt. They have a long history but the focus on casino games is quite new. The games from NetEnt are truly insane, probably the best game developer right now. If you like to try slots machines from NetEnt we recommend visiting any of the casinos list on https://casino-bonus.com/netent-casinos/ to get a good start. If you like NetEnt casinos you can also give Betsoft a try, they also have amazing games.

New Casino 2018 – Better slots than ever

The slot machines that are released now has never been better. The graphics and sounds is amazing and all the in game features actually makes the games kind of complex. It doesn’t take many minutes to learn but if you are a new player we still suggest starting with an easy game such as Starburst. When you have been playing for a while you might appreciate the bonus features and bonus games. Often there is a game in the game which looks more like a regular computer game or mobile game than a simple slot machine.

If you would like to try a new slot machine from 2018 we recommend trying it at a new casino. They will most certainly give you a better welcome bonus than you can find anywhere else. To compare a find the best new online casino from 2018, https://casinoonline.casino/new-casino/ is an awesome place to start looking. Good luck and hope you become the next lucky casino winner in 2018.