Famous Casino Movies

UK Famous Casino MoviesThe term casino gambling glamour and the movie industry never ignore such glamour. There are numerous classic movies themed on the gambling industry where scriptwriters have captured the alluring world of gambling. Let’s take a look at the most famous gambling movies that gives a glimpse of the amazing world of gambling.

Our top list of famous casino movies

1) The Cooler

Gambling world believes in superstitions and luck, and this movie displays it all. The movie is centered on Macy and his journey from an unlucky to a lucky charmer of casinos. The Wayne’s Kramer movie was high on performance and gave an insight into the gambling industry and its stresses on the concept of luck.

2) Bugsy

The 1991 movie is centered on building a casino and a top class hotel in the Nevada desert. The Oscar-nominated movie had Warren Beatty and Annette Bening as main actors. The story revolves around the gangster “Bugsy” Siegel and his dream to start a casino with his mistress. The thought although takes a downside, when his near and dear ones don’t approve of his venture and his spending of a large amount of money to establish and run the casino. This movie is aclassic example of gambling lovers.

3) Casino

A perfect example of how a gambling movie should be, is what defines the Casino. The movie portrays the ultimate collaboration of the world of gangsters and gambling. The 1995 movie has been a hot favorite of critics and fans alike from across the world. The film portrays the dark realities of the world of gambling which include big money and mob wars. Casino is an interpretation to showcase the negativity existing in the mob-controlled casinos of Las Vegas.  The classic film is known for its remarkable performances, seductive charm showcased by Sharon Stone and memorable scenes in the history of film industry.

4)The Gambler

The name reflects the essence of the movie which is based on the casino addiction of a university professor. Played excellently by James Cann, the film shows how the character gets into self-destruction mode due to his borrowings and loses his mental state to the point of threatening his life. The movie is brilliantly matched to what a gambling addict goes through and serves a warning to all the addicts.

5) Rounders

Centered on the game of poker, the movie is about a poker player Mike McDermott. The character Mike moves away from Poker owing to an event that made him lose all his money that he was supposed to deposit for his college education. But, destiny brings him back to the same table and in front of the same people who made him lose his money, when he decides to help his friend payoff his debt. The movie gave immense popularity to the game of poker and made it famous.

6) Casino Royal

An ultimate James Bond movie with high voltage drama. The Martin Campbell’s movie portrays Bond as a villainous character which plays poker and bestows torture as Le Chiffre. The movie has some of the best scenes in the history of film industry with unmatched pace, especially where Bond plays the all-or-nothing game in Monte Carlo.