History of e-sport

Esport casino


Video games are thrilling- for those who play and those who watch; gamers plan and strategise their play so that they can overpower their opponents. Spectators wait LED screens with bated breath, applaud and empathise with teams just as they would in a regular football or tennis match. eSport appears to have come of age and is being recognised as “excellent and exhilarating spectator sports.”

Arcade and console games

In its most primitive form, friends played video games and challenged each other to better their highest scores. Slowly the game evolved and became more structured in that tournaments were being organised everywhere. The first gaming competition was held at Stanford University in 1972, where students competed in the video game- Spacewar. The winner was entitled to a Rolling Stone magazine’s annual subscription – a far cry from the millions of dollars that are being offered today.

The first space invaders tournament was organised by Atari in 1980, and so great was its popularity that it attracted tens of thousands of participants. The foundation for eSports was laid, and the early 1990s saw arcade and console games being sponsored for world championships.

PC gaming

With Internet connectivity, the popularity of PC games rose, and the late 90’s sawed the emergence of the Red Annihilation tournament. “Quake”, generally considered as the first eSports game, was witnessed by more than 2000 people. This set the ball rolling- the first significant gaming league was formed and tournament ‘Prize Money’ was offered for the first time. Subsequently, many more associations were created, and new competitions announced.

While all this did give a fillip to eSports, the emergence of real-time strategy (RTS) games was a game turner. The concept and focus shifted to new areas- planning and policy, which offered limitless potential. This pushed eSports to a new high, and it started getting the popularity and recognition that it deserved.

eSports flourishes

With the turn of the century, two major international tournaments were launched, and that paved the way for the launching of the largest and most successful eSport leagues- the Major League Gaming. It was hailed widely for it featured many games in different genres and most importantly put up ‘prize pools’- in 2013 gamers received more than $170,000 in the form of prizes. This Major League also had another first to its credit- it was televised in North America on the USA network.

Other tournaments emerged- notably Dreamhack and the Global StarCraft II League (GSL). The number of online viewers has been increasing exponentially since then comparing favourably with the number of viewers attending real sporting events, and the trend is expected to continue. The league of legends, considered the most famous video game world over, is an Online, Multiplayer Battle Arena that attracts player from all over the world.

The Future for eSports

There’s no doubt that eSports are generating excitement and challenges for the fans and players respectively, but still, has a way to go before it gains recognition in mainstream culture.

2018 Flash: Playing Mobile Casino

Casino Mobile 2018

Playing Casino on Mobile

Casinos are one of the places where individuals can freely play any gambling games as long as they want. There are no limits as long as they have the cash. Even if they ran out of cash, there are still some casinos that are offering and lending some cash in order for them to enjoy playing. That benefit is just one of the good things about playing at casinos. There are people who are interested and want to experience playing at a casino but have no means in doing so. With the availability of online casinos, playing casino on mobile is now made possible.
Online casino games are now available for anyone who is interested in playing casino games online. For more convenience, online casino games are also now applicable to be played in mobile phones particularly on smartphones. If you are a casino game lover, the availability and applicability of online casino game is probably the most advantageous news for you right now. With that advantage, the player will no longer be frustrated whenever their playing moment is disturbed due to some connection problem or system error.

The Benefits of Playing Casino on Mobile

There are a lot of benefits that are offered when playing casino on mobile and these are as follows:

• First on the list is the convenience of playing casino games on your smartphones or tablets. Since online casino games are already applicable to be played in these devices, whenever you have nothing to do or when you have woken up in the middle of the night and has not been able to sleep again, you can just get your phone and start playing casino games. Whenever you feel like playing a casino game, you will no longer have to go to a traditional casino just to be able to play. That means less effort in driving to and from the casino, less gas expense and less energy spent.

• Since you can already play online casino games on your mobile phone and tablets, it simply means that you can play the casino games that you love to play wherever you are. There is no limit on what type of online casino games can only be played on your mobile phone. You can play all types of games including mobile roulette or slots, even the blackjack, and poker.

• These online casino games can be played on your mobile phone or tablet by installing them on your mobile device. Once you already have the application installed, you can just choose to play directly on the site or download the game or app.

• The added benefit of playing casino on mobile phone is the fact that with its touch screen mode, the more that you will be able to play the game properly and with ease. The operating system of these gadgets also gives the player a much wider scope compared when playing on desktops.
Playing casino on mobile is now made easier and faster. Online casino players would surely have an excellent online casino gaming experience that they never experienced before.

History of Gambling

Gambling History


Playing casino games remain every day since the beginning of time. The history of gambling dated back to the ancient periods and there is much archaeological proof that gaming was present in various countries such as Roma, China, India, Egypt, Greet etc. Lots of artefacts like dice, writings of game mechanics and others were discovered from all parts of the world. Some of these objects have been dated back to 2300 B.C. It was the fourteenth century AD when gambling was regarded as against the ruling. King Henry VIII of England had prohibited gambling when he discovered that his defence force was spending lots of time playing than working.

Playing Cards

The use of paper money shuffling in ancient China became the forerunner of today’s game called blackjack. The practice has changed into card playing that was borrowed by Mameluke Empire. Being Muslim, they utilised diverse designs somewhat reminiscent of renowned Muslim carpets to accentuate the playing deck. Upon its coming to Europe, the players began using high ranks of men in the Royal Court to indicate cards. However, it was just in the 1500’s when French present the Queen of the deck which called as French Pack. This is the forerunner of today’s 52 card deck.


Dice has been around for over 20 centuries, being involved in various activities, which range from religious rituals and gambling. Dice are extremely popular because of the game known as craps. This game was ubiquitous amongst the famous and productive of the eighteen and nineteenth century in England that was once called Hazard.

Online Gambling

Part 1

Gambling history took a quick turn in 1990’s as online technology started accelerating beyond the wildest imagination. 1993 is the year when the first graphical website browser was made, roughly concurrent with the AOL or America Online service connecting its remarkable network of a client to the online discussion named as USENET. Shortly, people would be browsing the web, an option not lost on gaming architects. A year later, Barbuda and Antigua legislated a free trade contract for online casinos. The first casino online was presented soon after that. Immediately other internet regulatory bodies come up. With their approval casinos, online boost a remarkable stage of legality for being synchronised.

Part 2

At this point, regulatory authorities of different reputation supervise at least 2000 casinos online wherein players can play or bet for real money. These online casinos provide a remarkable selection of classic casino table and slot machine games. Lots offer a live dealer choice for the table games they offer. The best thing about them is that they can be accessed in various kinds of devices like desktop and smartphones.

Getting Better and Better

Today gambling is far different from before. But, while the world has profoundly developed to the extent of allowing adults be accountable for their deeds, lots of confusion and superstition remain.
What’s more obvious is that the opportunity to experience real money gambling is fantastic. Today gaming is getting better and better. But, you need to play wisely and smartly.


History of MGM Grand in Las Vegas

MGM Grand Casino History UK

A brief history of MGM Grand

Part 1

The MGM Grand in Las Vegas is considered as one of the most eye-catching and famous places in the world. If you and your family are planning to have a short vacation in Sin City, don’t miss to visit the MGM Grand Las Vegas casino resort. It is situated at Las Vegas strip which is near the McCarran International Airport and Flamingo Road. The MGM Grand in Las Vegas is just opposite the Mandalay Bay and Luxor on one side and Excalibur on the other side of the road. Its location has restrictions to pedestrian walkways, and there are intertwining bridges going west and south to the neighbouring casinos.

Part 2

It is an excellent advantage to pedestrian walkers that the MGM Grand in Las Vegas provides an easy and fast access to a monorail which connects to the other casinos and the airport. In the year 1986, the MGM Grand was rebuilt as Bally’s Casino Resort. During the 90’s, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas was a bit more of a family oriented place. It was opened in 1975, and they use the name Marina resort. This is the time when the casino had a unique Wizard of Oz theme. To attract more families, they decided to build an amusement theme park.

MGM Grand: The Largest Hotel in the United States of America

On December 18, 1993, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas was recognised as the most prominent hotel in the Greater of United States of America. During that time, MGM Grand has 171, 500 sq. Feet of the casino, eight restaurants, 5 bars and lounges, 158,000 sq. Feet meeting space and 23 retail stores. In the year 1995, the monorail from the MGM Grand to Bally’s hotel was opened to the public. In 1998, the MGM Grand opened its Studio 54 with Elton John private performance. This event raised $1 million for the AIDS Foundation of Elton John. In April of 1998, the MGM Grand opened their 380,000 sq. Foot Conference Center is showcasing it tri-level facility with outdoor and indoor meeting space.

2000 and forward

On August 2001, the MGM Grand offered Grand Class 29th Floor, Vista Parlor Suites, Patio Suites, Glamour, Lobby Suites, Vista Suites, Spa Suites, Player Suites, Grand Tower and Deluxe Rooms. The MGM Grand has plenty of restaurants that you can choose from. Due to its excellent amenities and facilities, the MGM Grand was recognised as the first resort on the Strip to have an outdoor amusement park called Grand Adventures. In the year 1999, the MGM Grand opened their Forever Wedding Chapel, and on May 1999, the Mansion was opened.

The Lion Habitat and Satellite Registration

On July 1, 1999, they also opened their Lion Habitat with a variety of lions include marquee lion, Baby Lion and Goldie Metro. On January 30, 2001, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas celebrated the grand opening of their new satellite registration at McCarran International Airport. In the year 2001, the Grand Adventures was renamed as The Park at MGM Grand which will only be available for special events and group business with 50 or more participants. Today, most casinos are more youth-oriented and this is one of the reasons why MGM Grand got a Hollywood theme.

Paying Cards – How it all began

History of Cards

History of Playing Cards

Playing cards are considered as one of the oldest types of toys created by humans and can be used for different purpose. Tarot readings, magic and gambling, are some of the best examples of the use of these cards. Playing cards can come in either thin metal, plastic, light cardboard or special ply paper. A pack or deck of cards has 52 playing cards in it, with an additional two cards named Jokers. Playing cards originated in China. An American games historian named Stuart Culin is the one who did the research, and he concluded that playing cards appeared before 1200AD in China and were introduced to Europe during the 13th century.

Types of Cards in a Deck

There are four types or suits of cards in a pack or deck. These are the Diamonds, Spades, Hearts and Clubs. In each suit, there are 13 different cards, consisting of the King and Queen, the Jack, Numbers 2-10 and the Ace. These values are printed on one side, while a consistent design is printed on the back of the playing card. Throughout time, many forms of games have been created. Some playing card games include Poker, Big-2, Solitaire, Hearts and Go Fish. These are all considered as interactive games that can be played by a person or a group of people.

A side note about Fortune Tellers Cards

Fortune Tellers and Gypsies have also been known to use Tarot Cards or cards as an extension to foresee the future. The most well-known and leading production company of playing cards is the United States Playing Card Company that is formerly based in Cincinnati, Ohio but moved to Erlanger, Kentucky. They are known for their famous brand called Bee cards and Bicycle cards. These playing cards are made of three-ply paper that is coated with an Air Cushion finish which makes them glide and slick perfectly without the cards being able to stick to one another.

Fun Facts about Playing Cards

The simple pack or deck of playing cards lie hidden associations and secrets to human culture. For beginners, the pack of playing cards consists of 52 cards which are precisely the number of weeks in one year. The four suits represent the four seasons of Spring, Winter, Autumn and Summer. With the Court cards representing 11, 12 and 13 respectively to the King, Queen and Jack, all the 52 cards in a pack add up to 365 which is the exact number of days in one year. The Ace of Spades characteristically represents death.

One more…

A reversible twofold image in court cards was introduced during the 19th century. The primary purpose for this is to prevent the players from reversing their court cards during a session, thus in part enlightening their hands to even not the most sharp-eyed of opponents. The use of playing cards grew all over the globe through colonialism and trade. During the 20th century, the French and English style of playing card came to be the de-facto standard that was used in different casinos worldwide and for well-known American games such as Blackjack and Poker.

A bit about Casino Bonus and it’s history

Bonus Casino History

What is a Casino Bonus?

A casino bonus is an amount of money which an online casino adds to the playing account of the members or players. This allows players to play more than they deposit into their account. Usually the arrangement to the effect which the casino online will add to the gamer a given sum of money or a percentage, for no matter what amount of money they deposit. This is the case where you, like for instance deposit $100, the account which holds the money you utilise to finance your diverse games, and you end up with balance pointed as $106, with the $6 on top being what the casino offers you like the casino bonus.

Casino Bonus History

When casinos online first started to work or function they utilize some tools that entice gamers to sign up and play games on their websites. In the year 1990, introductory bonuses were the major attraction of online playing and at which time; there were small numbers of casinos working online. This permitted websites to provide huge bonuses. But, the fact there are rules, lots of casinos online ended up losing profits that result in the modification of the rules of giving bonuses. At which time, new gamers can make a deposit and receive bonuses which were greater or equal to the amount they deposited. Players were also capable of using the bonus to generate winnings as well as withdraw the money won. Today, bonus restrictions will put this off, forcing gamers to go back to the casino to meet the wagering requirements.

Types of Casino Bonuses

  • Welcome Bonuses

Also known as sign up or introductory bonuses, this bonus welcomes gamers to a specific casino online. These bonuses are a way of online casinos to attract new players to their website. There are many kinds of welcome bonuses. However, the most famous welcome bonuses are the no deposit bonus and match bonus.

  • Monthly Bonuses

Another type of casino bonus is the monthly bonus which is offered on a monthly basis. Also known as reload bonuses, these bonuses kick in once players recharge their accounts.  Usually this is given on a percentage basis.

  • High Roller Bonuses

Another favourite casino bonus is the high roller bonuses. This is given to players that invest vast amounts of deposit. High rollers also enjoy exclusive promotions, VIP clubs and other benefits to make their stay as satisfying and valuable as possible. Different favourite kinds of welcome bonuses are payment method bonuses; refer a friend bonus, special bonus among others.

How to Get your Casino Bonus?

To get your casino bonus, first, you need to choose an online casino that provides bonuses. There are online casinos that offer bonuses just as there are casinos that do not have that tendency. You have t know those casinos that offer these bonuses, and sign up with them. The sum of money they contribute as bonuses might small. However, they could add up to extremely considerable amounts of money. Often, these bonuses are just provided to those who are interested in them. They aren’t offered on blanket terms across the board to all members. Instead, members might be needed to enter specific codes to access these bonuses.


History of Online Casinos

Online Casino History


OnlineCasino is a root of the land-based traditional casino or also known as gambling websites or virtualcasinos. It offers excellent odds compared to land-basedcasinos for games like slot machines where chances of winning are synchronised by the house or the so called house advantage. Online casinos starts in the year 1990 but there is much debate as to who opened the first online casino.

Brief History

Most people believe that the first one that opens the first onlinecasino is the InterCasino. It is an online gambling website which opens its door in the year 1996. But, there are some people who believe that it was Gaming Club which opened in 1995.

Microgaming which is the owner of the above-mentioned sites is the first online gambling software provider to be established. These online casinos only received their signal when Barbuda and Antigua passed an act called Processing Act and Free Trade. This allowed online casinos to open without litigation and fear.

This prompted Kahnawake Gaming Commission to be established in the year 1996. They regulated the online gaming activity of casinos and people as well as they issue gaming licenses to online gambling websites. Their primary goal is to keep the online gambling industry fair and transparent. In the late 1990’s, the online casinos were already established. But, connectivity problems were out of control and the action was slow due to bandwidth shortage. It was only until the new millennium that this problem was solved.

What is OnlineCasino?

Online casinos have been a well-known trend in the entertainment world. The best thing about onlinecasino is that you don’t have to go to any place just to enjoy different casino games since you can do this from the comfort of your home using your mobile phones. Online casinos allow the players to bet on games through the internet. Most online casinos offer payback percentage that is just the same as the regular ones. The idea of online casinos starts in the year 1996 when a software development firm named Microgaming came up with this concept. In the same year, the very first online casino named Inter Casino happened, and a lot of online casino websites use this software.

Different Types of OnlineCasino

Online casinos are split into three groups that include live casinos, download-based casinos and web-based casinos.

• Live Casino
This is considered as the first-class of online casino. It allows the players to experience a real livecasino. The players can interact and accept live dealers and players using the real-time web window.

• Download-basedCasinos
This type of online casino requires the player to have a personal computer for him to download the onlinecasino software. In this way, he can experience all the online games and at the same time gable around the onlinecasino.

• Web-based Casino
In this type of online casino, players can thoroughly enjoy all the casino games such as Poker, Baccarat, Black-jack, Bingo and a lot more. Bandwidth is needed to see animations, pictures and hear sounds.


Before you start playing in an onlinecasino, make sure to read some helpful casino reviews. By doing this, you can get some valuable information that will serve as your guide to have a safe online casino gaming experience.